Department of Chemistry

Murray-Rust Research Group

Group Members


  • Dr. Nico Adams (Project Leader Polymer Informatics and scientific ontology design)
  • Dr. Sam Adams
  • Dr. Ed Cannon (Polymer Informatics - Developing polymer ontologies and semantic web tools)
  • Dr. Peter Corbett (SciBorg and Oscar3; computational linguistics for chemical applications)
  • Dr. Nick Day (CrystalEye, Automated Analysis and Extraction of Open Chemical Data )
  • Jim Downing (The design and implementation of institutional and domain repositories; software engineering in science)
  • Dr. Jürgen Harter (post-doc, WWMM)
  • Dr. Lezan Hawizy (Semantic processing of theses and scientific literature for polymer informatics)
  • Gemma Holliday (PhD supervised by Dr. J.B.O. Mitchell)
  • Diana Stewart (SPECTRa and SPECTRa-T; institutional repositories)
  • Dr. Volker Thome (Computational combinatoric mineralogy; molecule-surface interactions)
  • Dr. Adam Thorn (AMI - The Chemist's Amanuensis)
  • Dr. Alan Tonge (SPECTRa and SPECTRa-T; institutional repositories)
  • Dr. Joe Townsend (SPECTRa-T - extraction and RDF representation of chemical observations in theses; high-throughput computational crystallography; automatic curation and validation of computational chemistry models)
  • Dr. Simon Tyrrell (post-doc, WWMM)
  • Dr. Andrew Walkingshaw (Golem - lightweight semantics for chemical data; MaterialsGrid - high-throughput first-principles materials simulation)
  • Dr. Yong Zhang (post-doc, WWMM)

Summer/vacation students:

  • 2002 Fraser Norton, Joe Townsend
  • 2003 Sam Adams, Vanessa de Souza, Joe Townsend, Chris Waudby, Erica Wise
  • 2004 Sam Adams, James Bell, Chris Waudby
  • 2005 Justin Davies, Nick England, Ramin Gorashi
  • 2006 Nick England, David Jessop, Richard Moore
  • 2007 Fallow year (crop rotation)
  • 2008 Daniel Lowe, Dan Hagon, Lee Harper, David Bebb, Jason Lee
  • 2009 Jason Lee
  • 2010 Pete Matthews, Matthew Smith, Shaoming Chen