Department of Chemistry

Murray-Rust Research Group

Peter Corbett

I'm working on the SciBorg project - a collaboration with the Natural Language group at the Computer Laboratory (Ann Copestake, Simone Teufel), and the eScience center in Cambridge, looking at natural language processing on chemistry papers. My particular responsibility is for domain-specific aspects of the project, such as named-entity recognition, using Oscar3.


Undergraduate: Natural Sciences (chemistry, specialising in organic/biological chemistry, also with first- and second-year options in biochemistry, cell biology, physiology and maths, 1997-2001, here in Cambridge. Final year project with Dr. Sijbren Otto and Prof. Jeremy Sanders.

Postgraduate: Chemistry PhD, 2001-2005, with Prof. Jeremy Sanders and Dr. Sijbren Otto. "Dynamic Combinatorial Libraries in Theory and Practice". This was mainly a lab project, involving a lot of HPLC, but also had a computational aspect, in the simulation of equilibrium systems.

Other id: pcorbett