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We're using cutting-edge informatics and software engineering to develop the future of knowledge-driven scientific research in chemistry and related subjects.

We do this by building and using software and systems for the representation, extraction and processing of scientific data across chemistry, materials science and solid-state physics. We're particularly interested in the following areas: chemical data representation and semantics, scientific publication and scientific literature, polymer informatics and materials informatics and simulation.

Recent news...

2012-01-23 - Semantic Physical Science symposium presentations now available on Vimeo and the UCS' Streaming Media Service

2011-12-09 - Semantic Physical Science workshop and symposium - January 10-12th 2012

2011-10-29 - Open Research Reports - Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences Hackathon announced - December 6th/7th 2011, University of London Union

2011-10-14 - Publication of the special Thematic VSMF Issue of the Journal of Cheminformatics

2011-07-04 - Submitted manuscripts for the special Thematic VSMF Issue of the Journal of Cheminformatics archived on DSpace

2011-03-31 - Announcing the OSCAR4 Launch - April 13th 2011 (Archived videos from the launch are now online at the UCS' Streaming Media Service)

2011-02-17 - Sam Adams wins the Elsevier Challenge for SciVerse at Dev8D at the 2011 Dev8D event

2011-02-09 - Announcing Scholarly HTML - the hackfest: March 12/13th 2011

2011-02-07 - Visions of a Semantic Molecular Future - archived on the UCS' Streaming Media Service

2011-02-01 - Chemistry Add-in for Word v1.0 released! Read the official press release and more about it here...