Department of Chemistry

Murray-Rust Research Group

Joe Townsend

I am currently working as a PostDoc in the PMR group where I recently finished my PhD (Automated Extraction and Validation of Chemical Literature - must post this on DSpace!)... I do a significant amount of undergraduate teaching (especially the first 3 years as well as demonstrating).

Since completing my thesis I have been examining ways of identifying information in theses (and articles) and thereby creating full semantic descriptions of such documents. This work was done as part of the SPECTRa-T and TheOREM projects. My current work is secret at the moment but I will give out more information soon.

I have spent many years looking getting semantic information via: Extraction from chemical text Extraction from CompChem programs Extraction from CIFs

Programming skills

  • ODF and OOXML
  • Java
  • xslt
  • CML / Jumbo
  • SVG