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Panton Discussions 2010

The Panton Discussions

During the summer of 2010, a series of three discussions were held in the Panton Arms pub in Cambridge. The themes of the discussions were around Open Data and Open Access, copyright, Creative Commons, and the Panton Principles, with a particular emphasis on scholarly scientific data. All three Discussions are archived online (in mp3 format) here and here.


Discussion 1: Richard Poynder, 24th Aug 2010

Richard is a freelance journalist who writes about information technology, telecommunications and intellectual property. He has particular interests in Open Access, e-Science, e-Research, copyright, patents, the Open Source and Free Software movements. He is the author of The Basement Interviews. Other participants in the discussion were Peter Murray-Rust, Jordan Hatcher, Rufus Pollock, and Alberto Sicilia.


Discussion 2: David Dobbs, 9th September 2010

David Dobbs writes on science, medicine and culture. He has contributed to a diversity of publications, including Scientific American, Slate magazine, Wired, Audubon, Atlantic Monthly, and the New York Times magazine. He has also authored a number of books. Other participants in this discussion were Peter Murray-Rust, Jordan Hatcher, and Rufus Pollock.


Discussion 3: Richard Grant, 13th September 2010

Richard Grant is a scientist and author of the blog “Confessions of a (former) Lab Rat”. He is Associate Editor and contributor to TheScientist/Faculty_of_1000. Richard is a scientist with interests inscientific publishing, copyright, and Open Data.

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