Department of Chemistry

Murray-Rust Research Group


CheTA is a JISC-funded project that integrates OSCAR, a chemical entity recogniser developed by the Murray-Rust group at the University of Cambridge, with the U-Compare workflow infrastructure developed by NaCTeM and Yoshinobu Kano from the University of Tokyo. This integration adds chemistry to the world's largest public collection of interoperable text mining tools and will be highly valued by influential stakeholders both in the JISC community and the wider chemistry community.

It is expected that the application of professionally maintained, automated and sustainable text mining services, enabled by CheTA to public information sources such as PubMed, will lead to significant future enhancements in resource discovery.

As part of CheTA, OSCAR has been refactored into different workflows (a sequence of individual components to perform a certain task, in this case named entity recognition of chemical elements).

Running the Workflows

The OSCAR4 U-Compare workflows(UCZ files) can now be downloaded from the bitbucket page The instructions for using the workflows can be found here.

CheTA is also available as a web service for demonstration purposes .

A talk about OSCAR and U-Compare, presented at the OSCAR4 launch event, is available to watch online.

More information about the CheTA project can be found here.