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WWMM Web Services

These Web Services are developed to build World Wide Molecular Matrix. We use Apache Axis to create our Web Services:

How to use WWMM Web Services

  • If you want to use these Web Service such as foo from within your program, the program should
point to Otherwise you can use the Gridsphere interface,
given below.

Our portal uses these Web Services. Please try it by click

How to develop WWMM Web Services

Please follow How to develop your own WWMM Web Services?.

Interfaces of WWMM Sevices

1. Build3D
1. Check Condor Job Status
1. Check Condor Status
1. CML2Jmol
1. CML2Mopac
1. CMLRSSServer
1. Exist
1. Gamess
1. INChIServer
1. Jumbo Converter
1. Jumbo Tool Server
1. Molecule Tool Server
1. Mopac
1. OBServer
1. WSAggregator
1. Xindice Server